New!  AtomicRobot Mister Take-A-Note 2.6!

Scroll down to download this program or to get more information about it.

Saves your notes and allows you to search for items in all 10 pagesl!

Right-click this link and choose 'Save Target as' to download the newest version Of AtomicRobot Mister Take-A-Note 2.6! - WOW!

(**** IMPORTANT-We recommend you save the file to C:\users\[your user name]\ and then unzip it and run the executable from there.  

You will also want to setup a shortcut to point to it. ****)

** This program is FREE! **

Information about Atomicrobot Mister Take-A-Note version 2.6:

AtomicRobot Mister Take-A-Note is great program for saving your notes and then searching them later.  You get 10 pages

that you can save notes on, and each button that accesses a particular page can be labelled with up to 12 characters each.

It now also prints!  If you have information that you need to reference over and over, try this very simple program!  It's FREE!!

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