New!  AtomicRobot Password and Link Manager!

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Saves your links, usernames, and passwords while protecting them!

Right-click this link and choose 'Save Target as' to download the newest version Of AtomicRobot Password and Link Manager 4.0! - WOW!

(**** IMPORTANT-We recommend you save the file to C:\users\[your user name]\ and then run it from there.  You will also want to setup a shortcut to point to it. ****)

** This program is now FREE! **

Information about Atomicrobot Password and Link Manager:

A very easy to use password and link manager that encrypts your information!  Save your favorite site and usernames and passwords and protect them with a single password.  The program includes a button that launches your browser & goes to your link automatically.  At that time it also copies your username to the Windows clipboard so you can copy/paste it into the site you are visiting. If you don't use Internet Explorer, you can create a file to launch any browser from this program.  There are also buttons to copy other saved information to the Windows clipboard.  Why try to remember hundreds of passwords and links when you can save them all in a single program.  It's now Freeware!  Click the Help button in the program for more information about registering it for free!