AtomicRobot Information Manager 8.0!

New! and now FREE!!  wow!

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Download AtomicRobot Information Manager 8.0

Information about AtomicRobot Information Manager 8.0:

AtomicRobot Information Manager 8.0 is faster and no longer requires you to install it.   Simply unzip the executable file,

copy it to a location where you have read and write rights

(like C:\users\YourUserName\a_folder_you_create\), and then run the program.   This program allows you to easily store

and find information important to you!  Whenever you need to save important information, simply type it in or paste it in

and click Save!  Later, you can search for your information using any word contained in the text you saved.  Search matches

are highlighted when a matching article is viewed.  This newest version of AtomicRobot Information Manager 8.0

now includes the ability to encrypt your information  using a simple but effective algorithm written by us.     

This is an incredible program! Try it!  It's now free!  Let us know if you like it!!

Remember, the program is now FREE!  Get this one!  You'll love it!

Please let us know if you enjoy the program!

How to install the program:

Copy the executable file to c:\users\your_user_name_that_is_already_there\create_a folder_here\

So, you might end up with a folder at c:\users\your_user_name_that_is_already_there\arim80\ and you can copy the executable file to that folder.

Then, once the file is there, double-click it to run it.  While the program is running, right-click on the program's icon on the Taskbar and choose

PIN TO TASKBAR so you'll have an easy way to run the program going forward.

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